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Our Staff


Madelyn Harper '24

Hey guys! I’m Madelyn and my favorite ways to stay active outside are hiking, swimming (bonus points for hiking to a waterfall to swim), and hammocking. It’s very common to see me around campus in my hammock doing homework or reading in the sun. My lovely dog Olive also makes plenty of appearances and she is a big motivator to go outside and enjoy benefits of being in nature for a little bit. 


Tia Walker '24

Hey I’m Tia! You can easily find me in a hammock or on the lake! 


Madeline Walker '24

Hi, I’m Madeline Walker. My favorite outdoor activities include trail running, paddling, hiking, backpacking, and fishing. You can often find me running around with my dog, King. 


Emily Huffstetler '24

Hi, I’m Emily, but I also go by Huffy! I like going on evening walks around town to decompress. I’m also big on climbing and hiking in the Smokies.


Crow Crow '24

I make it a point to do everything I possibly can do while outdoors. Meetings, work, homework, anything and everything. I’ve found that I am happiest when I’m surrounded by nature. Fitness is also important to me; I love rock climbing and hiking. Getting outside and being fit at the same time has benefits doubled! 


Kaitlin Koster '25

Hey I’m Kaitlin! I love most outdoor activities, but a few of my favorites are climbing, kayaking, and hiking. You can usually find me either in the College Woods or the Smokies!


Riley Gaston '25

I enjoy going on hikes and finding the perfect meditation spots. Whether it’s by a waterfall, a scenic overlook, or a small creek. I just love finding a spot to clear my mind and appreciate the beauty of the natural scenery. 


Lily Petree '26

Hello I’m Lily! My favorite outdoor activities include rock climbing, hiking (especially to swimming holes), paddle boarding, and just sitting in a hammock reading or talking with my friends. I also love to do boating activities like wakeboarding or wakesurfing!


Anna Price '26

Hello I'm Anna! I love being outside, and my favorite activities are hiking and paddling. Most often I'm outdoors around campus ready for the next adventure with a camera or sketchbook in hand! 


Lauren Huffstetler '26

Hello Hello, I'm Lauren! My favorite outdoor activities are rock climbing and paddling. I stay active on campus by taking daily walks in the College Woods, and utilizing our bouldering cave.


Emily Coward '26

My favorite way to stay active outside would be exploring nature with family and friends. That could be from hiking the Arches in Utah, the Redwood forests in California, or around the Old Faithful Geyser in Wyoming. I enjoy discovering what sets the different National Parks apart from each other. 

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Malea Williams '27

Hello! My name is Malea, my favorite outdoor activities are paddling, kayaking, and anything in the water. I stay active by getting outside every day and inviting my friends to join!

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