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All in

Mountain Challenge is the oldest college-based outdoor adventure program in the south. We are one of the 20 oldest programs in the country. Because of Mountain Challenge, Maryville College is among the Top 8 Outdoor Adventure Colleges and Universities in the mid-Atlantic and south regions of the country.


That’s pretty cool.


AND – given the rising tide of physical inactivity in our country, 100% of the people that work here (including lots of students) do something to be fit. We call that being ALL IN.


Club 180

Once you’re in,  you’re ALL IN.


Alumni of Mountain Challenge started wondering if we could do more . . . What if we could truly be ALL IN – in ways that would help foster the same kind of changes we experienced as staff members?


We came up with an idea . . . an idea that seemed outrageous at first. An idea that would challenge us to feed the rat in ways we hadn’t considered before.

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