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Leed Certification

Crawford House qualified for LEED Gold designation and now:


• is one of 18 buildings in the state of Tennessee to receive LEED certification as an existing building (not new construction). Of these 18, only 5 have received the LEED Gold certification. Of those 5, Crawford House is the oldest.

• is one of only 59 Tennessee projects to have one of the two highest ratings: gold (52) or platinum (7).• Maryville College is one of only 3 Tennessee colleges with a LEED Gold building. (University of the South and Belmont University are other two.)

• is one of 17 percent of the almost 40,000 LEED projects on the USGBC to have received one of LEED’s two highest ratings, gold or platinum. A nice designation for one of the approximately five million buildings currently in the United States.

• is one of the most energy efficient buildings in the world while also being one of the oldest buildings on Maryville College’s campus.

Special thanks to the Cargill Foundation, the Appalachian Regional Commission, Strata-G, the City of Maryville, and members of the Maryville College Physical Plant staff for making LEED certification possible.

In Pursuit of LEED

Major improvements to Crawford House that were made from 2009 until 2013:

• Custom low-E storm windows

• New, efficient HVAC units

• Soy-based foam insulation in basement and attic

• Linoleum (linseed-based) flooring in kitchen

• Solar hot water system

• 12-panel solar array

• Front porch constructed with composite decking made from recycled materials

• Edible landscaping (orchard, garden, blackberries along fence rows)

View our LEED Documents Here:

LEED Gold Comments

Water Performance Measurement

Water Efficient Landscaping

Roof Heat Reduction



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