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"Zoom" Meetings

A trail run with my dog Zoomer [pun intended] at sunrise is my idea of a zoom meeting. But then I

remember when zoom used to be an experience and a feeling – in real life.

Now, of course, it’s just a symbol for using a device. And use them we do. Average screen time for all of

us is creeping toward ½ a day each day, literally.

Simple fact – we are not wired to be that wired. We can all use an intentional return to some analog

time. Sunrise trails runs are one way, but there are others. The battle is on for our attention. Let’s pay

attention to our attention:

All apps and social media platforms are not equally valuable to us. Be sure to attend to your

most valuable digital things. Do a 30-day digital assessment to figure out what’s important.


Start spending bits of time without screen inputs. Be analog with your thoughts or in real life

with others. Think real conversations.


Beware the ‘quick glances’ at your phone. They ruin focus and cause clutter.


Consider leaving your phone behind for a little bit every day. It’ll be ok!


Find ways to get outside for your own ‘zoom’ meeting.’

- Bruce, Founder

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